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Popular Africa Itineraries

Tanzania & Zanzibar

Combine your Tanzania Safari with a relaxing holiday on the exotic island of Zanzibar.

15 days, including flights

Safari & Cape Town

Safari with game drives and bush walks combinated with beautiful Cape Town.

14 days, including flights

Unfiltered Africa

Stay right inside Kruger National Park itself and experience the magnificent flora and fauna up close.

10 days, including flights

Karibu Kenya Safari

Explore some of the best Kenyan national parks with amazing wildlife.

8 days, including flights

Machame route

Climb to the top of Kilimanjaro following the famous and beautiful Machame Route.

10 days, incl. flights

Safari & Victoria Falls

Safari experiences combined with stay by some of the world’s most spectacular watterfalls.

13 days, including flights

Safari Holidays in Africa

Africasafari.co.uk is amongst Europe’s largest and fastest growing providers of safaris to Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and South Africa. What’s more, we can take you to the summit of Africa’s highest mountain, Kilimanjaro, which is an unforgettable and amazing adventure.


You can combine our safaris, guided tours and Kilimanjaro climb with beach holidays to beautiful locations like Zanzibar, Mombasa and Mauritius. If you’re more of a big city person, why not combine your safari with a visit to Cape Town or Dubai. Or if you want to experience even more of Africa’s splendour you can round off your holiday with a visit to one of the world’s most spectacular waterfalls: Victoria Falls.


When you travel with us there are a wealth of tried and tested package holidays to choose from. Should you have any special requests for your tour, together we can find a solution to meet your specific needs.


Since the company was incorporated in 2006, Africasafari.co.uk’s vision has been to send our guests on the trip of a lifetime. We do everything we can to make that dream come true for our guests and ensure all of our packages are an exciting unique adventure.

We know our safaris

Today, we are a large team of dedicated employees, who simply love to travel. That means that you’re only ever a quick phone call away from someone who knows exactly what they’re talking about. Plus, we never sell safaris unless we have tested them personally.


We fulfil all our holiday obligations irrespective of how many guests choose to travel with us

When you order a package tour with us, we can reassure you that you’ll be travelling as specified. This is irrespective of how many other travellers have chosen to join us on a trip, on the date in question to that particular destination.


Flexible departure date

Africasafari.co.uk offers a number of weekly departures for most of our packages. To accommodate the needs of larger groups we can often offer our customers the departure date of their choice. As a responsible company, we take pride in never promising anything that we can not deliver. So when we say we sell holidays you’ll never forget, we mean it!We look forward to taking you on your African adventure.

Cheap holidays?

A holiday in Africa is never cheap, but we can promise you great value for your money. All our Africa Safari packages include flights, tours and accommodations.