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south african savanna

Best time to visit South Africa

A safari holiday in South Africa offers fascinating national parks and impressive wildlife. But when is the best time to visit South Africa? Read on below and learn more about the South African climate and wildlife at different times of the year. South Africa’s weather and wildlife South Africa is a fantastic safari destination all []

two elephants

Africa in pictures – Nature photographer Ole-Arne and Africa

“For a photographer, Africa is paradise – the motifs are lined up right in front of you…” Ole-Arne Schlytter lives and works in Oslo, Norway. In his spare time, he is a passionate nature photographer, and it has been a dream for him to visit Africa since he was a boy. His dream was fulfilled []


5 things you should be aware of when choosing a travel agency

Are you going to travel? Do you know what you should be aware of when choosing a travel agency? We have put together a list, for you, of five important points that you should definitely be aware of before purchasing a package tour from a travel agency. A package tour means that the travel agency []


Experience “The Big Five” in Africa

Nowadays, many people go on safari in Africa to spot and take pictures of “The Big Five”. However, do you know what “The Big Five” is and what it means? Why exactly is “The Big Five” so special that it merits experiencing a safari trip? What is “The Big Five” “The Big Five” is an []


The 5 best safari destinations in Africa

Africa has many interesting destinations that are perfect for safari trips. We have made a list of five suggestions of Africa’s best safari destinations. Read our list and come closer to making your decision on which safari destination that suits you the best. Tanzania – Greatest chance to experience “The Big Five” Go on safari []