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Guide: 5 things to do in Tanzania

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We have put together a guide with five ideas for what to do in Tanzania. See the images in the gallery below and read about the different activities.

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Explore the slopes of an extinct volcano

Ngorongoro Crater is a must on any trip to Tanzania. The crater boasts fantastic nature and a very dense population of wild animals th
at includes zebras, wildebeest, elephants, gazelles and hippos. The crater was created after a volcano erupted and collapsed inwards, and today more than 50,000 Masai people live in the area.

Bonus info: the crater is a naturally protected area more than 8,000 km2 in size. You will also find the Ngorongoro Crater on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Go on safari in Tanzania’s best known national parkLion in Serengeti National Park

Serengeti National Park is the best known national park in Tanzania and an obvious choice if you would like to go on safari and observe animals in their natural settings. Over 70 larger species of mammals as well as more than 500 species of birds live in the park, and your chances of seeing a lion are especially good.

Bonus info: The national park is on the UNESCO World Heritage list, and worthy of special note as being home to the world’s largest annual migration of zebras and wildebeest, also known as the Great Migration.

Experience the diversity of the landscape

Tarangire national parkYou can visit Tarangire National Park all year round, but the park is especially exciting if you visit during the dry season from June to September, when your chances of seeing lots of different animals are at their highest.

Look forward to experiencing the diversity of the landscape, with its rolling hills, baobab trees, bush savannah, grassland and seasonal marshes. During this period the river also attracts elephants, lions, leopards and the tree-climbing python snake.

Bonus info: Tarangire can also boast of having with the most breeding birds in one habitat in the world, with around 550 different birds varieties congregating in the park.

Climb Kilimanjaro – an experience you’ll never forgetView of Kilimanjaro Mountain

Hike the great peak of Kilimanjaro and look forward to a fantastic, unique view from the top. One of the most popular routes up Kilimanjaro is the Machame route up to Uhuru Peak, a route that consists of one long hike through a beautiful and varied landscape. The final section of the climb, after Uhuru Peak, can be done under the light of the full moon, when you can feel the temperature plummet to -18 to -26 degrees.

Bonus info: Kilimanjaro is the highest free-standing mountain in the world at 5,895 meters.

Relaxing with a view of chalk white beaches, coconut palms and azure waterZanzibar beach

Round off your safari experiences with the ultimate beach vacation of the beautiful coral island of Zanzibar.

Relax on the beach or explore the island by sea or on land. Zanzibar has plenty to offer, also for those looking to dive or snorkel, who will find the island an ideal destination for underwater activities. There are also many other activities on offer, such as taking a tour to the island’s capital, Stone Town, sampling the island’s culinary specialties and exploring the rain forest and seeing its red monkeys, spending a whole day sailing or exploring the small villages.

Bonus info: The rooms at the hotel are built like traditional African houses, and are placed right out on the edge of the beach.