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Balloon safari

For those looking for a world-class experience, we can highly recommend a balloon safari. Below, you can see which of the packages we offer allow you to order a balloon trip as a supplement to the vacation package. Take off on an extraordinary journey and throw yourself into an experience that you will never forget!

Popular Itineraries: Balloon safari

Tanzania & Zanzibar

Combine your Tanzania Safari with a relaxing holiday on the exotic island of Zanzibar.

15 days, including flights

Ha Kuna Matata & Beach

Combine the Ha Kuna Matata tour with holiday on the white sand beaches in Zanzibar.

16 days, including flights

Ha kuna Matata Safari & Kenyan Coast

Unforgetable wildlife experiences combined with beach holiday in Mombasa.

16 days, including flights

Fly-in Safari & beach holiday in Mombasa

Fly-in safari combined with a relaxing beach holiday on the Kenyan coast.

14 days, including flights

Safari in Serengeti & Ngorongoro

Intense safari trip including all the highlights in Serengeti and Ngorongoro

7 days, including flights

Safari in Tanzania

Explore the great wildlife and wonderfull landscapes in four of the best National Parks.

9 days, including flights

Serengeti & Ngorongoro and Zanzibar

Intense safari trip including all the highlights followed by beach holiday in Zanzibar

12 days, including flights

The Best of Namibia

Experience the peerless nature and incredible contrasts of Namibia: deserts, famous sand dunes and the magnificent wildlife in Etosha National Park.

16 days, including flights

Safari & Mombasa

Safari in Tanzania combined with a relaxing beach holiday on the Kenyan Coast.

15 days, including flights

A once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Give yourself a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Hop into the basket in the early hours of the morning, feeling the hot air from the balloon as it fills up. Soon, you’ll notice the drop in your stomach as the balloon slowly starts to leave the ground and before you know it, you’re high in the air! For many, this sensation is indescribable, and while you’re taking it all in, you start to catch a glimpse of the sun coming up on the horizon, and before long, you can begin to pick out the landscape beneath – and whether this is the world-famous plains of the Serengeti teeming with astounding numbers of wildlife, the savannas of Kenya or the world’s oldest desert in Sossusvlei, the sight is unmissable.

Be aware that there can be an age limit for the balloon safari on the different excursions, so it is a good idea to order the balloon trip well in advance of your vacation if possible.