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Lake Naivasha

Lake Naivasha is one of the larger fresh water lakes in Eastern Africa, and is formed as a natural part of the Great Rift Valley System, where the internal energy of the Earth, shove around the tectonic plates, pulling apart the continent, exactly here in the Eastern Africa.

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Lake Naivasha is not only a small lake in Africa, but practically has its own, small weather system in the comprised 160 square kilometers. The name of the lake origins from Massai, and means “rough seas.” A name the lake has obtained from the local storms suddenly arising in the area. The lake itself, is surrounded by a larger swamp area, so the amount of rainfall can affect the actual area of the lake.

The history of the lake tells you much about the area. The volume of water in the lake has fluctuated over the past hundreds of years. The lake has partly served as a source of irrigation for the surrounding farm land. The risk of exsiccation caused the initiation of a rescue plan, and the water level rose back to its natural six meters. When the water level suddenly dropped, back in the 60’es, it was due to geothermic activities in the area, where underground movements caused the water to run from lake Naivasha to nearby, smaller lakes.

The area is known as being part of the Great Rift Valley System, where the movement of the tectonic plates slowly pulls the African continent apart, and Lake Naivasha is therefor one of the many East African lakes, which, when the process evolves, will merge to create the East African Sea.

There has been great success too, with utilizing the powers of nature, and in the area, several power plants help gather that power, in order to supply electricity for the local region. Moreover, the area surrounding the lake, is widely inhabited by Europeans, who have traveled here to settle down.

A visit to Lake Naivasha is worth its travelling due to its beautiful nature, the affluent bird life, and especially Hells Gate National Park, which is located closely to the lake.