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The team behind Africasafari.co.uk

Neil Smith

Neil Smith
Sales Manager

Neil is responsible for sales and customer enquiries.

Neil has spent time working and travelling in many countries, some of which include Germany, Denmark, Holland, Hungary and USA.
Before joining Africasafari.co.uk, he served as a police officer and has recently returned from an African adventure to Kenya.

“I think people can really underestimate just how amazing a safari experience can be. Everything from getting up close to the wildlife, to visiting the local villages or tribes leaves you with memories to cherish for a lifetime. It is difficult to describe to colleagues or family when you return home, just how amazing the experience has been. I am already looking forward to my next safari adventure with family”

Claus Palmgren Jessen

Claus Palmgren Jessen
CEO and co-owner of the Africasafari.co.uk

Claus was educated and trained at AP Moller-Maersk A / S. He has lived and worked abroad for 8 years in Germany, China, Japan and Korea, where he developed his passion and respect for other continents and cultures.

Claus has traveled in Asia, Europe, the U.S. and Canada as well as Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa.

“I have been to many places over the last 20 years and for me there is nothing that beats a safari trip in the Serengeti. It is simply amazing to be at one with nature and the wildlife in their natural surroundings. The feeling I experienced when standing 8-10 feet from a grumpy male elephant weighing 6 tons, out in the middle of the Serengeti Plain, is hard to describe.  You realise how vulnerable we really are and the importance of respecting and preserving our wildlife. “

Elisabeth Simonnaes

Elisabeth Simonnaes
Sales and Product Manager

Elisabeth is our product and quality leader and has a very important role at Africasafari.co.uk.

It is she who ensures that our tours meet customer expectations and that all materials are updated with the correct information regarding destinations and packages available.

Elisabeth has been on safari trips to Namibia and South Africa, where she was on an early morning walk and was given a special memorable experience.

“I saw a lioness that started to eat in the company of her cubs.  A male lion approached them and she gave him a nod of the head, as if she wanted to show him respect. It was here that I experienced the real personality of which these animals have”.

Lea Charlotte Alber

Lea Charlotte Alber
Sales Coordinator

Lea is from Norway and started at Africa Safari in February 2014. She speaks Danish, Norwegian and Swedish in her “sales support” role, helping out the sales staff and product managers.

She loves to travel and has travelled in various ways: charter holidays to Greece, family vacations to an island in the Philippines and Corsica, short city breaks, “self-drive” holidays in Europe and her annual skiing holiday to Austria.

Lea has yet to visit Africa and is looking forward to her first trip.
Although she likes spontaneous tours, Lea would carefully consider arranging her own safari. “I think that this is an area where it is important to have local knowledge and experience. It’s wild animals after all and you should treat them with respect once in their environment”.

Pernille Grøngaard Kristensen

Pernille Grøngaard Kristensen
Sales Manager

Pernille is responsible for sales at Africa Safari, dealing with our Danish customers and has worked in the travel industry for 16 years.
She has a great passion for travel and has travelled to countries such as Australia , New Zealand, Indonesia, Singapore , Malaysia, Thailand , Israel, the U.S., Europe and of course Africa , which holds  a special place in her heart.
She has visited Kenya , Tanzania, Uganda and South Africa.

Pernille is a mother to three and all three have been on overseas trips since they were one year old. Travelling as a family has only confirmed to her, just how important travel is for both children and adults, in the respect of learning and social interaction. Not to mention the fun element of travelling as a family, experiences and priceless memories.

“Travelling on safari in Africa , creeps into the heart of everyone I would dare to say. It is unique and breath-taking to be within the Big Five territory and it is a life-affirming experience to encounter the African people’s hospitality , humility and gratitude.
To travel around the world has provided me great life experience and my motto is ” The sooner you go, the longer your memories will last”.

Ingun Hammersmark Nikolajsen

Ingun Hammersmark Nikolajsen
Sales Manager

Ingun is responsible for sales to our customers in Norway and has worked at Africa Safari since October 2012. She is Norwegian and has travelled extensively within Europe, USA and Africa. Ingun has lived and worked for two years in Ethiopia and her passion for Africa stems from this stay. Her travels in Africa have taken her to Kenya where she spent time in Masai Mara,  Mombasa in addition to visiting Nairobi.

“One of the things that fascinates me most about Africa is the contrast to that of my home country Norway. I remember waking up in the middle of the night and standing just to admire the African rain fall. It was like something out of a film with big zigzag lightning filling the entire sky as I stood taking the spectacle in! Africa for me, is also the sunset from the top of a land cruiser , freshly roasted coffee, cows in the streets , great times, the hospitality and wide smiles all around “says Ingun.

She has experienced a great deal of Africa  and been up close to the wildlife whilst on safari in the Masai Mara and private tours around Ethiopia.
“My wildest experience was when some friends and I were on a campout in Awash National Park in Ethiopia. We settled into our sleeping bags just as a lion could be heard roaring in the distance! You really do get a sense of being out in the open on safari”

Ingun is happy to share her experiences and lessons learnt in Africa and hopes that her enthusiasm for Africa is contagious to others.
“Many Norwegians associate Africa with famine, war and poverty. However, Africa is so much more than that! I hope that people see the real Africa, experiencing the richness and adventure that awaits!”

Marie Plesner Koenig

Marie Plesner Koenig
Booking Manager

Marie is responsible for all matters relating to the booking of flights and hotels for our Swedish customers. She was educated in the travel industry and has been arranging tours for many years.

Marie prefers the more luxury tour and sets focus on attractive hotels and good food when planning her travels . These travels have taken her to exciting destinations far from home, even if it means hours on a plane with 2 small children!

“I love to travel and have travelled from even before I could walk , when my father was a sailor.
I have visited both North and South America, Asia and of course various parts of Europe, both by air and by sea.
For me, a huge part of the tour is the planning and examining different destinations!

My greatest experience was a meeting with the then future president of the United States, Barack Obama, at a rally in Florida back in 2008.
Now I travel with my 2 kids, to show them just what a precious gift the wider world is”.

Rikke Holm

Rikke Holm
Project coordinator, Booking

Rikke is employed as a booker. She has many years of experience in the travel industry.

Travelling means a lot to her, and over the years her travels have taken her to Asia, Australia, America and most of Europe.

She has travelled extensively throughout her life and enjoys the opportunity to experience new cultures and feel the freedom that travelling offers.

Dino Karalic

Dino Karalic
Marketing Director

Dino has overall responsibility for all of our marketing activities. Holding a Degree in Multimedia Design, he has been with Africasafari.co.uk since 2009.
When he’s no at the office, he enjoys spending time travelling. His travels have taken him to over 15 countries, including Australia, USA, Kenya and Tanzania.

“My safari in Kenya and Tanzania was certainly an experience I’ll never forget. Even though I was so far away, I felt right at home. The experience of nature and wildlife combined was top notch. After the safari, I then went on to the stunning experiences of Zanzibar, with its white sandy beaches by the Indian Ocean, providing the ideal relaxation for the rest of the holiday. “

Rikke Kristensen

Rikke Kristensen
Web and Marketing Developer

Rikke has a Bachelor Degree in German and Business Communication from the Aarhus School of Business and a degree in Multimedia Design from Aarhus Business Academy, Denmark. She started at Africasafari.co.uk in 2013.

Rikke deals with online marketing, preparation of newsletters and the updating or optimisation of websites.

“To travel is to live” – Hans Christian Andersen. This describes her desire to travel, having spent time in most of Europe devolving a particular fondness with France. She has also been to Tokyo/Japan, which was an excellent experience to be surrounded by the different cultures.

Alex Kasper Granild

Alex Kasper Granild
Business Controller

Alex joined Africasafari.co.uk in December 2012 and is responsible for the daily operations of the finance department.

He prefers traveling on well organised tours and prefers the more professional tour operator. He has been on package holidays to Greece, Turkey and Egypt, as well as self-drive holidays to Spain and southern France.

Alex’s dream trip would be to Africa with his wife and little boy. He and his family would like to experience the unique scenery and wildlife. As he says “I’m ready to try something other than charter holidays. My son absolutely loves elephants and lions and it would be an amazing experience, both for him and the rest of the family”. He stresses, however, that the trip would certainly be combined with a beach holiday.