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True Size of Africa

Is Africa a country? And other myths about Africa

Myths and misconceptions about Africa abound, but do any of them hold water? We’ve selected three of the most common myths about Africa, which you can read more about below. Myth 1: Africa is one big country Of all the myths about Africa, this is probably the most frequent one. Most people are well aware [...]

Serengeti safari

The best safari destinations in Africa

Africa has a lot of great countries where you can go on safari. We’ve put together a list of four of them where you can enjoy world-class African safari. Find inspiration here to help you decide which safari country is the best one for you. Tanzania – experience “the Great Migration” If you go on [...]

Leopard in a tree

Experience “The Big Five” in Africa

Many people go on safari in Africa to spot and take pictures of “The Big Five”, and you have probably heard the term before. But do you know what “The Big Five” means? And why is “The Big Five” such a special thing to experience on a safari tour? What is “The Big Five”? “The [...]

Lion in Ngorongoro

Top 5 things to do in Tanzania

Tanzania is a unique gem of a country, offering a wealth of natural spectacles you simply mustn’t miss. Enjoy exotic safaris, world-class mountain trekking, vast areas of lakes and beautiful, extinct volcanoes. Here are five things we think are absolute must-sees in Tanzania. Read about the different experiences below. Safari in Serengeti – Tanzania’s most [...]

south african savanna

Best time to visit South Africa

A safari holiday in South Africa offers fascinating national parks and impressive wildlife. But when is the best time to visit South Africa? Read on below and learn more about the South African climate and wildlife at different times of the year. South Africa’s weather and wildlife South Africa is a fantastic safari destination all [...]