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View of Robben Island
Robben Island
Foaming sea, rocks and infinity. That’s largely what you can see when looking out over the ocean from Cape Town. But in the distance, you can just make out Robben Island. Robben Island is one of Cape Town’s biggest attractions. The little rocky island is a testimony of a time the country will never forget. [...]
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Grey crowned cranes
5 unknown animals on the African savannah
Many different animals live on the savannah in Africa. We all know some of them, while others remain relatively unknown. Then there are some very special animals that only a few people ever get to meet. Fewer people have, for example, heard of Africa’s unicorn – the okapi, which resembles a mish-mash of different animals [...]
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We’re celebrating our 12th birthday!
The company behind Africasafari.co.uk, Aclass A/S, which also operates Asiatours.co.uk and Llamatours.co.uk, is 12 years old – and that’s cause for celebration! That’s why we’re currently offering a £120 birthday discount per person* when booking holidays with us or one of our sister agencies! Our history In 2006, we sent the first 70 guests to [...]
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Safari dictionary
When you go on safari in Africa, it’s a good idea to have mastered some of the terms and slang you might come across along the way. But what is the actual definition of safari? What does it mean if an animal is nocturnal? And who are the Small Five? These expressions and many more [...]
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giraffes on the savanah in masai mara
When is the best time to visit Kenya?
If you want to visit a classic safari destination, a safari in Kenya is perfect for you. The east African country offers unique wildlife and beautiful national parks, which provide the framework for experiences you’ll never forget. But when is the best time to visit Kenya? Read more below about Kenya’s weather and wildlife at [...]
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