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Travel news and articles

TIPS: What you need to know when planning a safari!
A safari holiday in Africa is an experience of a lifetime! There are certain things you can’t prepare for when going on safari. But you can find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions below, as well as tips that will help you make your tour even better. What is a safari? The [...]
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Travelogue from Namibia: Magnificent nature experiences
In 2017, our colleague Linda was in Namibia. Read her accounts of the tour below. Namibia offers a varied selection of magnificent and adventurous outdoor experiences. The Namib Desert with its red, golden sand dunes up to 400 metres high at Sossusvlei is not only one of the oldest deserts in the world, but one [...]
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Balloon safari
Go ballooning in Kenya, Tanzania or Namibia
Go ballooning and experience the fascinating plains, savannah and wild animal life of Africa from a fresh new angle. Feel the rush as the hot air balloon takes flight and silently floats over herds of elephants or giraffes as the sun slowly rises in the horizon. A balloon safari is an experience for life, one [...]
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Cape Town
5 attractions in Cape Town
Cape Town is unique. A metropolis of contrasts where the sombre, terrible past merges with the historic and ultra modern harbour promenade. And rising majestically behind the city is Table Mountain, like a protector of the city’s people. Cape Town is a mix of stunning scenery, all manner of cultures and it is super modern. [...]
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True Size of Africa
Is Africa a country? And other myths about Africa
Myths and misconceptions about Africa abound, but do any of them hold water? We’ve selected three of the most common myths about Africa, which you can read more about below. Myth 1: Africa is one big country Of all the myths about Africa, this is probably the most frequent one. Most people are well aware [...]
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