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5 things you should be aware of when choosing a travel agency

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Are you going to travel? Do you know what you should be aware of when choosing a travel agency?

We have put together a list, for you, of five important points that you should definitely be aware of before purchasing a package tour from a travel agency. A package tour means that the travel agency organizes both the flight as well as other services, for example, hotel accommodation and excursions.

1. Travel Provisions

Start by researching which trips the various travel agencies are offering. Make sure to check to see if the travel agency can provide the exact trip that you want. Does the trip include the things that you want to experience?

Some travel companies, to a greater or lesser degree, give you the opportunity to adjust the trip to the specific things that you would like to experience. Get in touch with the agency for more information on options.

2. The travel agency’s response

Once you have found a trip, you can contact the travel agency to get answers to any questions you may have or to find out the price of the trip. Send an inquiry via the agency’s website or call/write them directly.

Some travel agencies have an inquiry form available on their website.
Here, you will send your information to the tour operator, who then sends you a quote for the trip. It is of the utmost importance that the travel consultant is quick to respond to your request, as in, within a few days, so that the process can be further continued and so that you can book your trip.

If you decide to call the travel agency, be aware of how you are received.

Did you get good reception from the travel consultant? Are they welcoming and helpful in answering your questions?

It is important that you are able to trust the travel consultant so that you feel comfortable when choosing one of their trips.

Service Level
Did you get the service you needed out of the travel agency?

Which services did the agency give you as a guest in connection with their trip? While some travel agencies only give you practical information before the trip, it is best to keep the skilled travel agencies at hand before, during and after your trip; this is in the sense that they ensure that everything is ready and planned before you need to leave, so that all you have to do is relax and enjoy the trip and not have any worries on the way.

Therefore, ask about how service levels are before, during and after your trip, as it is here that travel agencies differ.

3. What is included in the trip?

One of the most important parameters in the choice of travel agencies is the price. Remember to check the cost of the trip in terms of what is included. Is there good value for your money?

Some agencies only specify what is included in the trip, while others will specify a detailed, day by day program with pictures. It is here that you should be able to notice if the trip is well composed in relation to what you want to experience.

Also, be aware of any possible flight taxes and transfers included in the price. This must be stated on the website. The travel agency should especially highlight if there are special rates for children, large groups or a surcharge for a single room.

4. Reviews

What are the other travelers’ experiences with the travel agency? Make use of your network, your friends and family. Additionally, you can check out the agency, hotels, etc. on review sites to see what others have to say about the company:

TripAdvisor: Search for a specific hotel name and read other guests’ reviews of the hotel.

Trustpilot: Here you can read other guests’ reviews on a particular travel agency.

Facebook: Find the travel agency’s Facebook page and see how the agency acts on social media. Here you can get information on the number of likes and just how many stars the agency has received. Moreover, you can read reviews from travelers and any questions that might come from other potential guests.

Google: Find the travel agency on Google and find out information on the travel agency and your trip, yourself.

By reading the reviews and experiences of other travelers, you can more easily determine whether or not it is a travel agency that you really want to travel with.

5. Departure Guarantee

The travel agencies decide whether they will offer their guests a departure guarantee.

If a travel agency has a departure guarantee, this means that as soon as you have ordered the trip, you are sure that you will get going. In other words, there is no minimum number of bookings on a certain date, which determines if the trip will actually happen. It is an extra service that some travel agencies use as it also helps to build trust among the agency’s guests. If a travel agency avails itself of the departure guarantee, it will most likely appear on the agency’s website, or when you’re talking on the phone with your travel consultant.

Have a great trip!