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Summer holidays 2019

16 January, 2019
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Are you planning your summer holiday?

And do you dream of seeing lions, zebras and giraffes?

Wonderful experiences are in store for you when you travel to the African continent. If you’re into magnificent wildlife experiences on the savannah, breathtaking natural phenomena or soaking up the sunshine by the turquoise water, you have every opportunity to do so in this part of the world.

Start your dream of a summer holiday here!

Which African countries should I visit in the summer holiday?

There are several destinations in Africa that are good to visit when it’s summer holiday time here in the UK.

We’ve selected three holiday destinations that are good when you’re travelling in July and August.

Kenya in July and August

Masai Mara

The summer months are good months to visit Kenya, and you can expect weather with pleasant temperatures and very little rain.

July and August are actually some of Kenya’s coldest months, though daytime temperatures are generally quite high at around 22–26 degrees. You should, however, reckon on cold mornings and evenings, so you wear plenty of warm clothing if you are going on a game drive in the morning. These months are also the driest of the year, and the further we go into the period, the more the water and vegetation subside, making it easier to spot the savannah wildlife.

If you choose a summer holiday in Kenya, you can experience one of the wildest wildlife phenomena: the great migration. From late June to October, herds of wildebeest migrate in Masai Mara, and during this period, you may be lucky enough to see them crossing the Mara River between Serengeti National Park in Tanzania and Masai Mara in Kenya.

Round off your wonderful safari experiences in the shade of the palms in Mombasa, which is located on the coast of Kenya, facing the Indian Ocean. With an average daytime temperature of 28 degrees in July and August, Mombasa is ideal for a concluding beach holiday. It’s lovely to lie on the fabulous, white sandy beaches and listen to the roar of the azure sea, which are just some of the main ingredients in this cosy seaport city. You can also explore the city’s history.

Five suggestions for summer holidays in Kenya:

Tanzania in July and August


Tanzania is a fantastic summer holiday country where you can expect dry weather and pleasant daytime temperatures in July and August.

In July, which is the driest month of the year, the daytime temperatures are around 22–23 degrees, reaching 25 degrees in August. However, the mornings and evenings may be cold.

After the rainy season, which ended in May, the water in the waterholes gradually disappears, making it far easier to spot the unique animals of the savannah gathered around the scant water that remains.

If you’re lucky, you may also be able to experience the great migration at our wild camps, before they move from the plains of Serengeti in Tanzania to Masai Mara in Kenya in June/July.

Wonderful animal experiences await you on a summer holiday in Tanzania. You can, for example, also enjoy a fantastic safari in the Ngorongoro crater, where a lush landscape with lakes, swamps, acacia forest and, of course, savannah attracts abundant wildlife of 25,000 to 30,000 animals.

Round off your safari tour with a beach holiday on the island of Zanzibar. This time of year offers some of the driest months in Zanzibar, and although the temperatures are some of the year’s lowest, they are still 20+ degrees, rising to 30 degrees in August. Enjoy relaxing on the white beach with the lovely sea or explore the exciting island and visit, for example, the old quarter, Stone Town, which offers history and unique culture.

Five suggestions for summer holidays in Tanzania:

South Africa in July and August


If you dream of visiting South Africa, July and August are good months – especially if you’re going on safari in South Africa’s largest national park, Kruger National Park.

Although it’s winter in South Africa when it’s summer here, the weather is still mild in Kruger, which is located in the northern part of South Africa. Expect average daytime temperatures of around 23–25 degrees. However, you should be aware that it may be chilly in the morning, evening and at night, so bring warm clothes with you.

In July and August, there is less rain in Kruger than at other times of the year, making for a more golden terrain. It’s easy to spot the animals of the savannah because they cannot hide away in the lush bushes of the rainy season. What’s more, the animals gather around the waterholes that still have water. This means that you are in with a good chance of crossing the Big Five off your list, while enjoying a more private safari experience than in the high season.

Combine South Africa with a tour to Zambia and the unique Victoria Falls. The waterfalls are 1.7 km wide, and the locals call them Mosi-oa-Tunya (the smoke that thunders) due to the water spray that shoots high up into the air. In the summer, you get a wonderful view out over Victoria Falls, because there is less water than in the previous months.

Three suggestions for summer holidays in South Africa:

Book your summer holiday in good time!

The summer months are popular months to travel because this is when many people take their summer holiday.

So be sure to book your tour in good time!

If you have any questions about which of our destinations are best for your summer holiday, please contact our travel consultants, who are on hand to help you.

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