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Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR africasafari.co.uk

We’re giving something back to Africa – and you can, too!

Our business is organising tours to Africa, and we’re proud of what we do. For us, however, Africa is much more than simply a source of business. It is a part of the world that is important to us all; its countryside, flora and fauna are exceptional and deserve to be cherished and protected for the benefit of future generations. Africa is also a continent that needs help in its work to improve living conditions for its population and to boost its economic Development.

By way of a natural extension to our core values, we are committed to giving something back to the continent that we find so fascinating, and to the people who have given us and our guests so many fantastic experiences over the years.

While there are many ways to help Africa, what is most important to remember is that our help really matters and that even limited means can make a significant difference. We take a realistic view of our opportunities to help, however, and have therefore selected a number of projects that are close to our hearts. They are projects we know from first-hand experience, projects we visit regularly, and projects our guests also have the chance to visit during their tours.

We want to be sure that the support we make available reaches its intended target, helps the right people, and lays the foundations for ongoing assistance that boosts development. That is why we have selected a number of specific projects that we support wholeheartedly through financial backing and direct involvement – and we want to give our guests the opportunity to join us. We support these projects through direct donations.

We set up an account for each of the projects we support, as this enables us to ensure that donations go directly and ‘undiluted’ to the intended receivers. The accounts on which donations are deposited belong to the projects we support and are run by people we know and trust completely. In this way, we can be sure that the money goes to the right place and is used for the intended purpose. If you wish to support a project, you can transfer your donation to the account numbers for the individual projects presented below.

We would like to emphasise that any donation you make will go directly and in full to the project in question. Africa Safari will not touch your donation, and the sum will be transferred directly to our partners who will make sure that it is used in full for the intended purpose.

The projects we support are described in more detail below.

Projects we support in Africa
Masai Pre-School, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania

Working with our partner, Zara Charity, in Tanzania, we have helped establish the Ngorongoro Masai Pre-School. The school is located in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, which, in addition to being home to thousands of Masai, also comprises the famous Ngorongoro crater that features in our Tanzania safari itineraries.

Africa Safari has donated USD 30,000 to the construction of the school. In association with other sponsors, we have therefore been instrumental in establishing this important facility. The school functions as a kind of ‘kindergarten’ for Masai children aged 3–6, who go there to learn what ‘going to school’ actually entails. As such, it teaches them what to expect when they start going to ‘proper’ school at the age of 7. The school was opened in May 2015 and is currently frequented by around 40 Masai children, who also live in the student halls linked to the school.

Operation of the school depends on continued donations to help pay the teachers and to buy teaching materials, food and drink for the children. It costs approx. USD 850 to provide one year of education for each child. Our guests have the opportunity to visit the school during their safari in Tanzania.

To make a donation to the Masai Pre-School project,  click here.

Please state: ‘Masai Pre-School’ in the ‘Description’ field.

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Loving God Pre-School, Jeppes’ Reef, South Africa

The Loving God Pre-School was founded in 2001 by Deborah Nkosi, who was working as a waitress in the Pestana Kruger Lodge restaurant at that time.

Africa Safari and our guests have been visiting the kindergarten regularly for almost six years, and the association has resulted in numerous improvements and generous donations. These funds have, for example, enabled the management to construct a new school building, install toilets and a toilet building, and to buy a refrigerator, tiles and paint – as well as plenty of food, clothes and toys.

Africa Safari supports the kindergarten via direct donations and by offering our customers the chance to visit the facility during their stay at Pestana Kruger Lodge in South Africa.

You can support the project by depositing donations on the following account:
Standard Bank Malelane
Account Number: 081 48 60 73
Branch code: 053252
Swift Number: SB ZA ZA JJ

Please note: If you choose to support this project please notify us (info@africasafari.co.uk) once you have deposited your donation. We will then notify the shcool.

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Please remember that you are a guest in Africa

In addition to helping directly, we encourage all our customers to remember that when you travel with us, you are a guest in Africa. We would therefore ask you to:

  • Take some time to familiarise yourself with the culture, customs and ‘dos and don’ts’. Most importantly of all, always show respect for the country and the people you are visiting.
  • Always ask for permission before taking photographs of people and their property.
  • Take care not to make a mess – clean up after yourself wherever you go.
  • Be fair when buying things; while it is normal to negotiate prices, remember that the last USD 2 will probably mean a lot more to the seller than to you.
  • Smile! You are sure to get one back in return!

And otherwise enjoy your fantastic, unforgettable visit to Africa.

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