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Cheap Kenya Safari Holidays

The word cheap can often confuse people. After all, there is cheap (affordable or low in price), and then there is cheap (shabby or poor quality). When you hear the word cheap attached to travel deals, you never want it to be the latter.

How can you know when you have found the right sort of cheap Kenya safari holidays? It takes a bit of searching, but one of the biggest identifiers is that the holidays come with a diversity of experiences – even if the length of the stay is fairly short.

Popular Itineraries: Cheap Kenya Safari Holidays

Karibu Kenya Safari

Explore some of the best Kenyan national parks with amazing wildlife.

8 days, including flights

Karibu-Safari & Zanzibar

Combine your Kenya Safari with a relaxing holiday on the exotic island of Zanzibar.

14 days, including flights

Karibu-Safari & Dubai

Safari in Kenya combined with a luxurious holiday in amazing Dubai.

13 days, including flights

Kenya & Mombasa

Our famous Karibu safari combined with a relaxing beach holiday on the Kenyan Coast.

14 days, including flights

Ha Kuna Matata Safari

Great opportunity to see
“The Big Five” animals and crossing of the equator.

10 days, including flights

Ha Kuna Matata & Beach

Combine the Ha Kuna Matata tour with holiday on the white sand beaches in Zanzibar.

16 days, including flights

Ha kuna Matata Safari & Kenyan Coast

Unforgetable wildlife experiences combined with beach holiday in Mombasa.

16 days, including flights

Fly-in Safari & beach holiday in Mombasa

Fly-in safari combined with a relaxing beach holiday on the Kenyan coast.

14 days, including flights

Safari 3 national parks & Mombasa

Safari in 3 national parks combined with a relaxing beach holiday in Mombasa.

14 days, including flights

Identifying the Right Kenya Safari Holiday Deals

As a prime example of good cheap Kenya safari holidays, you will want to consider how the package handles your arrival situation. A poor quality tour would take you out of Nairobi and never return until it is time to fly home – missing the opportunities for sightseeing in this dynamic city. Though you would probably head directly to one of the regions popular for safaris, this is overlooking chances for really experiencing the very most of Kenya without rushing through or skipping important stops.

What is the better option? The best cheap safari holidays would take you to the nearest safari spots, like Amboseli National Park and then head back into the city while traveling to other areas. Additionally, the better cheap Kenya safari holidays tend to include trips to Masai Mara and Lake Naivasha because they are within a reasonable distance from Nairobi as well.

This would be efficient as well as fun, and really maximize your traveling budget. After all, you have to head southeast to get to Amboseli, but Masai Mara is southwest from Nairobi. Rather than choosing just one direction (which cheap safaris often do) you can work with an efficient travel provider to take you to both of the most impressive safari areas.

Not exactly a perfect “loop”, but much more enjoyable and offering a lot more for your money. For instance, while in Nairobi you could visit such appealing spots as the Karen Blixen Coffee Garden, the enchanting Giraffe Centre, the David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage and more. This would allow you to get the very most out of your brief time, and without cutting corners or missing out.

More Expansive Kenya Safari Holidays

Of course, there are also options for cheap Kenya safari holidays that allow you to expand a bit on the basic safari and still remain in a remarkably affordable price bracket. You can find options for tours of Kenya that also include time at the gorgeous shoreline in Mombasa or even outside of the country in exotic spots like Zanzibar (in neighboring Tanzania) and still in a price that most would describe as cheap or affordable.

When you want to really see Africa and enjoy the most during your holidays, don’t limit yourself to the basic “budget” packages. You can have it all when you spend a bit of time looking for the highest quality, “cheap” tours. Firms like AfricaSafari.co.uk have been offering just this sort of opportunity and have safaris to Kenya in remarkably affordable prices.