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Kenya Holidays

Many world travelers choose Kenya holidays because they want to enjoy a safari experience. After all, a visitor to this amazing country along the western coast of Africa will be on the equator and in a place rich in wildlife and unusual settings.

Here, the climate can be desert-like or cool. The world’s second largest fresh water lake is here as is the coastal area gazing out on the Indian Ocean. The grassy savannah and the forested hills provide such diversity that all Kenya holidays must feature a safari, or two.

Popular Itineraries: Kenya Holidays

Karibu Kenya Safari

Explore some of the best Kenyan national parks with amazing wildlife.

8 days, including flights

Karibu-Safari & Zanzibar

Combine your Kenya Safari with a relaxing holiday on the exotic island of Zanzibar.

14 days, including flights

Karibu-Safari & Dubai

Safari in Kenya combined with a luxurious holiday in amazing Dubai.

13 days, including flights

Kenya & Mombasa

Our famous Karibu safari combined with a relaxing beach holiday on the Kenyan Coast.

14 days, including flights

Ha Kuna Matata Safari

Great opportunity to see
“The Big Five” animals and crossing of the equator.

10 days, including flights

Ha Kuna Matata & Beach

Combine the Ha Kuna Matata tour with holiday on the white sand beaches in Zanzibar.

16 days, including flights

Ha kuna Matata Safari & Kenyan Coast

Unforgetable wildlife experiences combined with beach holiday in Mombasa.

16 days, including flights

Fly-in Safari & beach holiday in Mombasa

Fly-in safari combined with a relaxing beach holiday on the Kenyan coast.

14 days, including flights

Safari 3 national parks & Mombasa

Safari in 3 national parks combined with a relaxing beach holiday in Mombasa.

14 days, including flights

Include A Visit To Nairobi In Your Holiday To Kenya

Don’t forget that almost all visits to Kenya include a chance to spend a bit of time in the unique city of Nairobi. Though you may just be passing through on your way to Amboseli National Park or to Masai Mara, where you will enjoy the largest amount of wildlife on the planet, Nairobi is usually a pleasant surprise.

In this city, you will be able to visit the National Museum, sip coffee in the former home of world-famous author Karen Blixen (writer of “Out of Africa”), and so much more. Described by experienced travelers as dynamic and vibrant, make sure that any Kenya holidays include at least several hours or even days in this intriguing cosmopolitan location.

After that, it is on to the amazing wild places that make safaris such a key component of the finest Kenya holidays.

What To Expect From Kenya Holiday Safaris

There are many types of settings for safaris. The better Kenya holidays packages and tours tend to provide visitors with a taste of each of the different areas. Though it is easy enough to imagine that the entire countryside is covered in the savannah grasslands and dotted with elephant herds or lions lounging in the sun, this is not the case. There is a wide range of geographic settings and climates, and to fully experience the Kenyan landscape means traveling with a group that ensures you see it all.

What you should look for in a tour provider is a visit to Nairobi, but also that you are spending time at Amboseli National Park (where wild elephants are frequently seen), paying a visit to Masai Mara (in the southwestern area of the country) as it is the one of the continent’s greatest wildlife reserves, and enjoying time on the waters of Lake Naivasha or Lake Victoria.

With those options as your mandatory “must see” list, you are sure to experience Kenya as you should. You also want to be sure that you see this glorious country in comfort and safety. That means good safari vehicles and plenty of safe drinking water throughout the day. You are at the equator when in Kenya, and you are going to be in locations where wildlife is in charge. So having reliable transportation and plenty of drinking water is a must.

Reading this may have convinced you that Kenya is the right spot for your next holiday, but you may not know where to turn to find a tour that includes the city and the safari. Fortunately, AfricaSafari.co.uk has tours that include all we have discussed, and more. Visit their site today to explore some of the finest Kenya safaris and holidays available.