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If you desire an exceptional African experience, when Africa is of its most kind and laid-back nature, you must visit Swaziland; a small, African monarchy, in between South Africa and Mozambique.

The country is, despite its modest size, an amazing natural adventure, since the country offers a variation of beautiful mountains, expanse savannahs, and vast rainforests. Within a reasonable short period, it is therefore possible to experience several different sides of the African nature.

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In Swaziland, the King runs the country, from an executive point of view, even though the mother of the king, answering the name “The great cow elephant” serves as a religious and national patriarch. The present king, Mswati III, is known for his exceedingly extravagant lifestyle, including extensive luxury cars, and impressive houses for his many wives.

The country is very poor, and more than two thirds of the population lives to exist for less than one dollar per day. Besides this, more than one thirds of the adult population, have HIV or Aids. Despite the ordeal, the locals are known for being kind and forthcoming.

The country’s name derive from the large section of the population, the Swazi people, who belongs to the bantu tribe; one of approximately 400 ethnic peoples in Africa.

Additionally, the population of the country consists of a smaller part Zulus, Europeans, and refugees from Mozambique. The country is mainly Christian, but often combined with local religions. The language is Swati and English.

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