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Bike ride in Hells Gate National Park

Just south of Lake Naivasha is Hells Gate National Park. It is one of the smallest national parks in Kenya, but it is full of experiences nonetheless. However, it is a somewhat different experience than what you usually associate with national parks in Kenya….

There are no predators here, so you can get around the park by bicycle. It is a completely unique experience to traverse these gorgeous landscapes with zebras and antelopes grazing next to you. You can smell the landscape, feel the wind and listen to the animals munch their grass in a completely different way than you can from a safari car-

On a bicycle, you experience the unique nature of the park. Aside from zebras, antelopes and buffalo, the bird life here is rich, and the park is overwhelmingly beautiful to boot.

It has rugged red cliffs, desert, deep volcanic gorges, caves, grasslands and hot springs. You can get up close to the hot springs on a small hike, which is part of the bicycle tour. You will definitely be amazed by how hot the water trickling out of the cliffs is!

The park provided some of the inspiration for the “scenes” in the film “The Lion King”.

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