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Sharjah City Tour

Explore the rich Islamic culture of Sharjah, UAE and the Emirate of Ajmans (the smallest emirate in the UAE) cultural capital. The biggest attraction is the “Cultural Round Circle” – the most magnificent and modern piece of Islamic architecture, where you find the statue holding the holy book. It is possible to stroll along the beach which leads you through the Sharjah Palace. In addition to this, you can drive to the city of Ajman and visit the old fort which has been converted into a museum. On arrival into Corniche, you can see the wooden boats from ancient times, which still to this day are used for fishing and the transport of goods to and from neighboring countries.

The glittering Al Majarra Bazaar with its brilliant gold dome is an attraction that you should not miss. After a short drive to the old town of Sharjah, you will be introduced to both Al Naboodha house and Sharjah Museum. The tour continues to the bustling markets, trading everything from cattle and birds, to vegetables and fish. From here you can go to the famous New Bazaar or Blue Bazaar. This place is famous for its gold and carpets. Remember to keep your eye out for that “bargain”, in the hundreds of shops selling everything from gold jewelry to antiques.

Duration: approx. 5 hours

Ordered and paid for at the start of the tour. Prices are approximate:

Per adult 25 USD / approximately £16
Per child 15 USD / approximately £10