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Namibia holidays

Our Namibia holidays transport you to the land of contrasts, where you can experience some of the most ancient landscapes on Earth.

Namibia is rightly famous for its fantastic national parks that are home to remarkable wildlife, featuring species that have evolved to live in the demanding natural conditions.

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Popular Namibia Itineraries

Why go on holiday to Namibia?

More than almost any other country in Africa, Namibia is the land of contrasts. It is a country with truly extraordinary landscapes that you will not encounter anywhere else in the world, remarkable wildlife, and a fascinating culture that can trace its roots back to the German colonists and the original tribespeople.

In short, Namibia is the perfect destination for everyone keen on experiencing a self-drive holiday in Africa, and for anyone looking to try a more exclusive safari destination. Visit Namibia and experience one of Africa’s best kept secrets.

Our Namibia holidays

In Namibia, you can enjoy one of our classic tours or self-drive holidays.  It is also possible to combine selected tours to Namibia with a safari in Botswana.

Namibia tours

Our Namibia tours focus on culture, nature or safari experiences – or a combination of all three. To find out more about our Namibia tours, click the ‘Details’ button next to the holiday in question at the top of the page.

Self-drive Namibia holidays

On our self-drive holidays, you can explore Namibia on your own.

The infrastructure in Namibia is among the best in Africa, making it a delight to drive to all kinds of sights and attractions.

Our self-drive holidays lead you to some of the finest sights and attractions in Namibia, including Windhoek – the capital city – and the sand dunes at Sossusvlei.

To find out more about our self-drive holidays, click the ‘Details’ button next to the holidays at the top of the page.

Highlights of Namibia

Namibia is one of the finest safari destinations in the world, giving you the chance to experience a variety of classic safari animals, as well as creatures that have adapted to life in the demanding desert landscape: elephants, rhinoceroses and lions, for example.

Namibia has landscapes that can really take your breath away. For example, the country is home to the Namib Desert, considered to be one of the oldest deserts in the world, as well as the Kalahari Desert, where you can meet the San people, who are said to be guardians of one of the oldest cultures in Africa.

Namibia presents an exceptionally wide variety of things to see and do. Here are just some of the highlights that our guests often remark upon.

Orange-red sand dunes at Sossusvlei

The orange-red sand dunes of Sossusvlei make up one of the best-known attractions in Namibia. This is the Namibia that is most often represented in photos. Despite the demanding conditions, the desert is still home to a rich wildlife population featuring extraordinary animals such as the oryx antelope and the springbok.

Sossusvlei is particularly beautiful in the early dawn, when you can watch the dramatic change in colour that creeps over the desert as the sun slowly rises. You can also climb to the top of the towering dunes and look out over the Sossusvlei scenery.

Safari in Etosha National Park

One of the distinguishing features of Etosha is that approx. 25% of the park consists of a 5,000 km2 salt pan – the remains of a giant, dried-out lake.

In spite of the extreme conditions in Etosha, the National Park is home to a rich wildlife population, and enjoys a well-deserved reputation as one of the finest safari destinations in the world. It is an excellent place to observe animals during the dry period in particular, because at this time of the year the animals are naturally drawn to the few watering holes in the region.

Etosha offers the opportunity to experience diverse wildlife, such as giraffes, gnus, zebras, elephants, lions and rarer species such as eland antelopes (one of the largest antelopes), Damara Dik-Dik (one of the smallest antelopes) and oryx antelopes. The rainy season gives you a better chance of seeing all kinds of birds – more than 340 different species, in fact.

Fish River Canyon

At Fish River Canyon, you can treat yourself to a truly hair-raising experience. It measures 160 km long, 27 km wide and up to 550 metres deep in places.

There are numerous wonderful vantage points at the top of the canyon, making Fish River well worth a visit all year round. During dry periods, you can drive down to the very bottom of the canyon, while in the rainy season you may be lucky enough to have the chance to swim in the river, which typically only flows in the summer months, from November to February.

Other highlights in Namibia

Namibia is packed with wonderful sights and attractions. In addition to the three highlights mentioned above, you can also experience the following:

  • A visit to the San people – bushmen – at the Ombili Foundation
  • German ambience in the holiday town of Swakopmund, located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean
  • Twyfelfontein Valley, where you can see the 6,000-year-old cave paintings that feature on the UNESCO World Heritage List
  • Okonjima Nature Reserve, a rehabilitation centre for the great predators of Africa.
  • Windhoek, the capital city, where European traditions and African culture mix and merge.

Combine with a tour to Botswana

Round off your holiday in Namibia with a safari in Botswana. Go on safari in Chobe National Park, one of Africa’s best national parks.

Chobe National Park is located in northern Botswana and consists of 10,000 km2 of beautiful, unspoilt nature. And, of course, abundant and diverse wildlife. The national park is known to house 120,000 elephants, the largest concentration in Africa. You also have a chance of seeing lions, wildebeest, giraffes, zebras and many, many other animals besides. What’s more, Chobe is also a paradise for bird lovers, and the park has no fewer than 450 different bird species, including the lilac-breasted roller, Botswana’s beautiful national bird.

The combination of a game drive in a Landcruiser and a river cruise on the wide Chobe River gives you a varied and diverse safari experience. And you’d actually be hard pressed to find a more beautiful and more African sunset than from a riverboat on the Chobe River.

Do you have any questions about our holidays?

Our page of practical information about Namibia presents information about all kinds of topics, from weather conditions to visas and other things you need to be aware of when travelling to Namibia.

In addition, you are naturally welcome to contact our travel consultants, who have years of experience in organising holidays in Africa. We regularly check and test all aspects of our holidays so that we can give you the best possible answers to your questions.

For more information about our other tours, take a look at our selection of package tours to Africa.

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