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14 days

Safari in South Africa & Cape Town

Experience the exciting and rich animal life on a safari tour in South Africa’s renowned Kruger National Park. Join a bushwalk, see the Panorama Trail and finish your tour in beautiful Cape Town.

We support sustainability development in Africa. For every tour booked with us, we plant 10 trees in Zambia. Read more about the sustainability project here.

Safari in South Africa & Cape Town Safari in South Africa & Cape Town
14 days

Safari in South Africa & Cape Town

Experience the exciting and rich animal life on a safari tour in South Africa’s renowned Kruger National Park. Join a bushwalk, see the Panorama Trail and finish your tour in beautiful Cape Town.

We support sustainability development in Africa. For every tour booked with us, we plant 10 trees in Zambia. Read more about the sustainability project here.

What is included in the price?
This package includes the following
  • Flights from the UK to Johannesburg incl. transfer
  • Local, English-speaking guide/driver
  • English speaking tour coordinator
  • 7 nights at the 4-star Bongani Mountain Lodge incl. half board
  • Bush walk with specially trained guide in Mthethomusha Game Reserve
  • Sunset Game Drive incl. “sundowner” in Mthethomusha Game Reserve
  • 2 full-day safaris in Kruger National Park
  • Full-day trip along the Panorama Route through the Drakenberg Mountains
  • 2 Game Drives in Mthethomusha Game Reserve
  • Fees for the named national parks
  • Flight from Nelspruit to Cape Town incl. transfer
  • 4 nights in Cape Town at Premier Hotel Cape Manor incl. breakfast
  • Flights from Cape Town to the UK incl. transfer
  • Possibility to extend your stay in Cape Town
  • ATOL certificate
  • Emergency hotline staffed 24/7 throughout your trip
  • Departure guarantee – the tour will take place regardless of the number of participants

The tour in short

On this trip, you will be taken on exciting safaris in Kruger National Park, where you have every chance to experience ‘The Big 5’ right up close. In addition, you can learn how to decode the signs and signals of nature on a fascinating bush walk with a skilled ranger.

You will also visit the Drakensberg Mountains – the highest and longest mountain range in South Africa – where one of the highlights is Blyde River Canyon. This is the third-largest canyon in the world and provides a truly breath-taking view of The Three Rondavels. The trip will also take you to the God’s Window and vantage points, as well as the Bourke’s Luck Potholes, where the Blyde and Treur rivers have eroded deep, cylindrical formations in the cliffs.

It is then time to fly on to the beautiful coastal city of Cape Town, where you can relax on the magnificent beaches, enjoy the views from the numerous vantage points, experience a whale safari, go diving in a shark cage, visit the infamous Robben Island prison, or take a trip to the South African vineyards.

Why choose this tour

  • Enjoy the perfect combination of a Big 5 safari and a city break
  • Enjoy the view of the beautiful scenery from the cosy terrace of your lodge
  • You get right up close to the nature on a bush walk with a skilled ranger – and see the nocturnal animals on an evening game drive
  • Discover the scenic landscapes and the stunning views on the Panorama Route

Our prices always include

  • All international and domestic flights
  • All destination transfers
  • All specified excursions and activities
  • All accommodations
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Detailed Itinerary
Day 1: Departure from UK

Departure day, where you will fly to Johannesburg with connecting flights along the way.

Day 2: Arrival at Bongani Mountain Lodge

Having landed in Johannesburg, you can look forward to a drive through the magnificent landscape to the 4-star Bongani Mountain Lodge, which is located on the border with the southern part of the Kruger National Park and near the magnificent Malelane mountains. You can then spend your afternoon admiring the magnificent view from the veranda or relaxing by the pool.

Day 3: Bush Walk & Sunset Game Drive in Mthethomusha Game Reserve

Bush walk
Early in the morning, you will be picked up from the lodge and you will head off on a 3-hour bush walk with an experienced ranger to guide you through the bush. Your guide has been specially trained in bush walks and will teach you how to decode Mother Nature’s signals, by smelling the air, listening intently, looking and observing like a real tracker. He will also talk to you about the various animals’ behaviour, and explain how to identify them by their tracks. As you walk, you will hear and learn about many of the small plants and animals you often do not notice when driving through the area in safari vehicles. Not permitted for children under the age of 12.

Sunset Game Drive
When the sun starts to go down, it is time to set off on an atmospheric, 3-hour safari. You will be treated to what is known as a ‘Sundowner’ – a drink served outdoors in the light of the setting sun. As dusk falls, you make a start on a fascinating evening safari tour where you are sure to see a variety of animals in the spotlights of the safari vehicle. This gives you the chance to experience the nocturnal animals that rest and hide during daylight hours. You will also encounter many of the animals you saw earlier in the day. If the skies are clear, you can ask the guide about some of the impressive constellations of the southern hemisphere. For example, ask him to point out the Southern Cross or Orion’s belt. Not permitted for children under the age of 6.

Day 4: Full-day tour in Kruger National Park

Full-day safari in open-topped vehicles, where you can experience the delights of Kruger National Park – one of the most important national parks in the world. Kruger National Park was established as a game reserve back in 1898, and was elevated to national park status in 1926. The park is around 350 km long from north to south, and around 65 km wide from east to west. Covering a total of approx. 20,000 km², it is the largest national park in South Africa. The park is home to 146 different species of mammal, around 520 species of bird and 120 species of reptile. Not only are many species represented, but they are also strongly represented. For example, it is estimated that there are 11,000 elephants, 2,000 lions, 1,000 leopards and 35,000 buffalo in the park, as well as 35,000 zebras and more than 150,000 antelopes. As regards plants, the park boasts 2,000 different species of flora, including everything from mosses to grasses, trees, creepers and cacti.

The wild animals are generally most active early in the morning, and then again towards the end of the afternoon. You will therefore be leaving the lodge early so as to experience as many animals as possible before they seek out shelter and shade to rest during the middle of the day. On account of the early start, the lodge will provide you with a packed breakfast to enjoy at a suitable time and in a suitable place. For lunch, you will stop at one of the authorised areas where you will find both a café and a minimarket.

You will return to the lodge at the end of the day – almost certainly with a camera packed with wonderful photos!

Day 5: Full-day excursion to the Drakensberg Mountains and Bourke's Luck Potholes

Today is given over to a beautifully scenic full-day trip along the Panorama Route through the dramatic Drakensberg Mountains. The mountains themselves are red, and form a magnificent contrast to the green trees and plants. On the trip, you will experience the breath-taking Blyde River Canyon. Measuring 700 m deep and 60 km long, it is the third-largest canyon in the world. You will stop at the three best vantage points along the canyon: God’s Window, Bourke’s Luck Potholes and The Three Rondavels – three beautiful and remarkable rock formations whose shape calls to mind the round huts previously to be found in local villages in many parts of southern Africa. The Panorama Route will also take you past a number of waterfalls, and you will have the chance to stop to admire one of them. This could, for example, be the Berlin Falls, where the water cascades down into a lake from a height of 150 metres. Or you may stop at the Lisbon Falls, located where the Blyde river splits in two and then drops 92 metres down an almost vertical cliff, before coming together to form a single river once more. There are many other waterfalls, however, and your guide will decide where you stop. One of the most spectacular sights you will see during the day is sure to be the Bourke’s Luck Potholes – cylindrical holes carved into the rocks by the action of water and sand over thousands of years. You can see this amazing natural phenomenon right up close from bridges built over the peculiar holes.

Day 6: Free day

The day is yours to do with as you wish. You may wish simply to relax by the pool, but you can also choose to go on one of the extra excursions organised by Africa Safari.

Below is a selection of supplementary tour options that you can book and pay for at the lodge via our tour coordinator. The prices are stated in South African rand.

Bush Walk: Enjoy a nature walk which lasts for around 2.5 hours. During this walk, guests will experience and view the small parts of the nature that can not be seen from the confines of the vehicle.  An experienced ranger will take guests on the walk, showing them tracks and signs of animal activity, different insects, birds and plant species. You may also get close to some of the larger wild animals (not dangerous). These too will be viewed on foot in their natural habitats.

The cost of this activity is ZAR 670 per person.

Rock Art Excursions: Mthethomusha Game Reserve has the highest concentration of Rock Art per square metre than anywhere else on the continent. Some date back as much as 1500 years ago. During this excursion guests will be escorted by a knowledgeable ranger to showcase a select number of sites. The activity does involve some amount of walking.

The cost of this activity is ZAR 450 per person.

Day 7: Game Drive in Mthethomusha Game Reserve

This day consists of a two exciting game drives in Mthethomusha Game Reserve. We start with a morning game drive. Then we drive back to the lodge for breakfast. You can enjoy some leisure time, before heading out again on our afternoon game drive. Mthethomusha Game Reserve consists of 8000 acres of pristine countryside and is situated on the south-western border of Kruger National Park. Here there are excellent opportunities to experience the “The Big Five” along with some unique birdlife.

Day 8: Full-day tour in the Kruger National Park

Today you can enjoy a full-day tour in Kruger National Park in four-wheel-drive safari vehicles. The park features extensive grassy plains, as well as areas of rocky land, lakes and watercourses. Late in the afternoon, all kinds of animals flock to the lakes and watercourses to drink, and you may even be lucky enough to witness elephants bathing in the cool water. On the tour, your guide will attempt to spot as many animals as possible, and will almost certainly try to find antelopes – because where there are antelopes, there are sure to be predators. If you are really lucky, you may even see a shy leopard or two.

Day 9: Flight from Nelspruit to Cape Town

You are picked up from your lodge and driven to the airport, from which you fly to Cape Town.

You are met by a driver in the Arrivals Hall, who drives you to the hotel where you will be staying for the next four nights.

Centrally located, the hotel is close to a variety of sights, making it the perfect base for exploring Cape Town and the many fascinating areas both in and around the city.

Our partner meets you at the hotel, where you can ask questions or obtain more information about Cape Town. The rest of the day is your own.

Days 10-12: Relaxation and experiences in Cape Town

The days are spent at your leisure.

Cape Town is a wonderful city! With its scenic location at the foot of the famous Table Mountain, you can spend several days just walking around and seeing the city, enjoying the waterfront, the many historical sights and buildings, as well as museums and good restaurants.

And we also highly recommend venturing a little outside the city. A guided day trip to the Cape of Good Hope is a wonderful experience. Along the way, you will make a stop at Boulders Beach, where you can see the sweet little penguins. The view from Chapman’s Peak Drive also takes most people’s breath away.

A trip to the top of Table Mountain is pretty much a must when in Cape Town. Take the cable car up there and enjoy the unique view of the city below and out over the water. You will almost certainly meet a rock hyrax or two up here.

The wine country around Cape Town is world famous. On a day trip, you will visit Stellenbosch, Paarl and Franschoek – and it goes without saying that you will get to taste the golden drops.

Don’t forget Robben Island either, where Nelson Mandela was in prison. Former prisoners show you around the island and it is definitely worth a visit.

Day 13: Start of the trip home

The time has now come to leave Cape Town and head for home. You will be picked up from your hotel and driven to the airport to catch your flight to the UK, which will include connecting flights along the way.

Day 14: Arrival in the UK

Arrive back in the UK after a magnificent holiday packed with wonderful experiences.

Combine with
Choose from the options below
The Winelands of South Africa, 2 nights

Exquisite wine, good food, history and gorgeous nature – all this can be expected from a visit to South Africa’s Winelands.

The lovely Winelands sit just a half-hour drive away from Cape Town. Here, there are soft hills with lush slopes, broken up here and there by crumbling cliffs, small, pleasant villages with charming Cape Dutch houses – as well as vineyards and wineries.

The valleys surrounding Cape Town are ideal for growing wine grapes. The mountains provide both water and shelter from the wind, the soil is well-drained and the climate is approximately like the Mediterranean.

The town of Stellenbosch was founded in 1679 by the governor of the Cape colony, making it the second-oldest European settlement in South Africa after Cape Town.

In 1690, the Huguenots brought the first grape vines to the field, founding its wine production history.

On this extension to the Winelands, you spend two nights at the world-renowned Spier Wine Farm, and you will of course receive a guided full-day excursion to Stellenbosch, Paarl and Franschhoek.

Safari experiences in the Okavango Delta, 4 nights

Extend your tour with a safari holiday to one of the world’s most unique areas of natural beauty.

At the beginning of January, it starts raining in the highlands of Angola. The rain cascades down the mountainside and floods large areas of land. When the soil cannot absorb more water, the rainwater begins to flow south, away from the sea. Within a few months, it reaches the Okavango River, and the scenario repeats itself; when the river cannot hold more water, the surrounding land is flooded and the water continues its journey south, towards Botswana. Around 6 months after the water fell as rain in the highlands of Angola, it reaches Botswana’s Kalahari Desert, where it flows out into nothing. There is no sea, no river – only golden desert, which, without this water, would be completely dry and lifeless most of the year. Thanks to the Angolan rainwater, however, it is transformed into one world’s largest inland deltas and one of Africa’s most wildlife-rich areas – and a fantastic safari destination.

It goes without saying that the Delta is a veritable paradise for bird lovers. Some 530 different bird species are found here. You can also see hippos, crocodiles, elephants, giraffes, zebras and lots of antelope species. And where there’s prey, there are predators, so lions, leopards and wild dogs are not uncommon sights here.

You spend the night at a rustic yet comfortable and very cosy tent camp, where all tents have their own shower and toilet in true bush style. From here, you go on safari in the delta. It is possible to purchase a boat trip in a traditional canoe if you would like to experience it all from the water.

Please note: This extension only goes ahead when there are at least two people travelling, and it is not recommended for children under the age of 12.

Optional upgrades: If you like, you can choose to upgrade to a permanent tent camp with a pool – see below. If you choose to upgrade, you will instead have a return flight from Maun and into the delta.

Note that the tent camps in the Okavango Delta generally have few rooms (tents) and are often fully booked many months in advance. Therefore, we recommend that you book with plenty of time to spare if you would like to upgrade. We have selected three camps, all of which are very close to each other and are extremely similar in terms of interior and styles. We cannot predict in advance which one of the three you will stay at, but we will naturally do our best to meet your wishes!

This extension must be booked at least 60 days before departure.

Elephant experiences in Chobe National Park, 3 nights

For an elephant guarantee, head to Chobe National Park in Botswana. Here you will find the largest concentration of elephants on the entire African continent. At least 50,000 elephants live here – some say there are as many as 120,000. You can also see large flocks of buffalo, gnus, zebras, antelopes, lions, hippos, crocodiles and rich bird life including storks, bee-eaters and vultures. You can often see hyenas, leopards or rare wild dogs too. It is not without reason that Botswana was named the best safari country in all of Africa!

Chobe National Park offers unique and varied safari experiences with both traditional game drives and countless activities on the life-giving Chobe river.

This 4-day safari extension to Chobe offers the best of both worlds on land and on water, and we have even added a spare day to the programme, for which you can purchase tours such as a trip to the mighty Victoria Falls, an extra river boat trip, or several game drives. A unique opportunity to experience Botswana, now that you’ve come all the way to Africa!

Single room supplement £938
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