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Rainforest and red monkeys

This trip gives you the chance to experience the magnificent flora and fauna of Zanzibar in Jozani, the biggest stretch of forest on the island, located in the heart of Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park – which is the only one of its kind on Zanzibar. Covering an area of 50 km2, the park features marsh, bush and mangrove forest. The vegetation closely resembles the type of greenery you will find in rainforests, even though it does not rain all that much on Zanzibar. The explanation for this strange phenomenon is that the area is rich in groundwater, which keeps the forest well irrigated all year round.

In addition to the numerous wonderful plants, you will also have the chance to experience some of the fascinating local wildlife. Several narrow paths criss-cross the forest, and the local rangers are skilled at spotting the animals and explaining which animal noises you can hear as you walk.

The forest is particularly well-known for its rare, red Colobus monkeys, which are not to be found in the wild anywhere else in the world. As you walk, you may also see bushbabies, the bluish Sykes’ monkeys, bushpigs, elephant shrews, chameleons and antelopes. The forest is also the habitat of more than 50 species of butterfly and 40 different species of bird, including the remarkable hornbill.

From Jozani the trip continues to another mangrove forest, where you can make your way along small walkways between the giant roots while the tidal water bubbles beneath your feet.

All profits stemming from visitors are used for conserving the forest and supporting the local community.

Duration: Half-day excursion

Payment is made at the start of the tour.

Prices are approximate:
Per person:  94 USD
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