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The Royal Livingstone Hotel

Imagine waking up at sunrise. Outside, you can hear the birds cheeping and a gentle breeze rustling in the trees.

You open your patio door – and there’s a zebra! It’s grazing peacefully. Behind a tree, you catch a glimpse of the back of another. Suddenly, along trudges a giraffe. A tree of particularly delicious leaves has caught its eye.

You head down to a lounge area, which is located right by the Zambezi River. Sit yourself down you in a chair overlooking the water. On your right, the river flows deep into the countryside. On your left… You grab your camera. On your left, just a few hundred metres away from you, is the most perfect rainbow you’ve ever seen. It extends from one bank of the river to the other, perfectly framing the spray from the mighty Victoria Falls rising several hundred metres into the sky. This is your view from the hotel!

That’s why you’ve chosen to stay at The Royal Livingstone.

If you want to get closer to the falls, you can walk there whenever you like during the day. It takes 10 minutes. You are actually staying in the national park and don’t have to pay national park fees. It doesn’t get easier or more beautiful than this!

The five-star hotel is built in an exclusive style dating back to colonial Africa with dark furniture and animal skins and is a five-star hotel in every way.

It has 173 rooms, divided into small houses of 6–8 rooms in an almost park-like garden. Each room has its own terrace or balcony overlooking the Zambezi River and has air conditioning, a safe and a TV.

Each little “house” has its own butler service, so if your shoes got wet when you crossed Knife Edge Bridge at the falls, he’ll dry them for you.

Start the evening with a sundowner cocktail by the river – or perhaps in the soft sofas of the cosy library before moving on to the restaurant. It serves international and traditional dishes, and you can sit inside or out.

The hotel also has a day spa where you can enjoy a massage. Or why not relax in the hotel’s pool area and go for a walk in the herb and rose garden.

Free Wi-Fi is available all over the hotel.

If you choose to upgrade to The Royal Livingstone, we will throw in a colonial-style train ride and dinner on board The Royal Livingstone Express. (NB. The offer does not apply to Christmas and the New Year.)

Upgrade pricing:
Standard room including breakfast, 3 nights Per person:  £640
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