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Elephant Café

If your stay at Victoria Falls is an extension of a safari holiday, this excursion is something of a must!

Situated on the banks of the Zambezi – a mere 10 km from Livingstone – is Elephant Café. Elephant Café is home to 10 elephants which, for one reason or another, no longer live in their own herds. Some of the elephants have been rescued from poachers, while others were born in captivity and cannot survive in the wild. Elephant Camp is their home. They can, in principle, come and go as they choose, but they all feel a strong attachment to their keepers, and even though they might go off on a daily foray into the bush, they always come back.

A visit to Elephant Café begins with an elephant interaction, where you are not expected to remain at a respectful distance from them in your safari car, but you get to feed them with their very favourite treats! The feeling you get when standing next to the 60-year-old elephant Bop as he eagerly reaches out with his trunk for the bag of treats in your hand is almost indescribable. He is huge and both insistent and gentle in his begging for more treats. If you are really brave, you can even ask the elephants to move their trunks a little to the side so you can put the treats straight onto their tongues!

The whole time you are feeding the elephants, the staff at Elephant Café will take photos of you, which will be sent to you later. Included in the price, this is a lovely reminder of the time you spent with these gentle giants.

The elephants fed, it’s your turn for a treat.

Next to the elephants – with outstanding views of the Zambezi – is a café which serves lunch (included in the price). And what a lunch it is! All the food is prepared using seasonal, local produce: fruit, herbs and vegetables, nuts, wild plums, etc. Some of the ingredients are actually the elephants’ favourite foods… The chefs here really work their magic and the food tastes like a dream! The menu consists of three courses served with wine – all included in the price.

The tour here is truly a day that is all about the elephants.

After lunch, it’s time to return to your hotel.

Per person:  £177
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