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Livingstone Island

On 17 November 1855, David Livingstone paddled up the Zambezi in a canoe. For quite some time, he and his 200-strong entourage had been able to hear a roaring in the distance. Ahead of them, they could see smoke rising up into the air, and the flow of river became increasingly powerful. The chief accompanying the group asked the men to manoeuvre their canoes up onto a small island called “Goat Island”. David Livingstone went ashore, lay on his stomach and stared straight down into some massive volumes of water. He renamed the island Livingstone Island and Mosi-o-Tunya – “The smoke that thunders” – was named Victoria Falls in honour of the British Queen.

If you visit Victoria Falls from September to November, we recommend that you purchase an excursion to Livingstone Island. During this period, the waters of the Zambezi drop considerably, so the falls are not as big as they are from February to May, for example. On the plus side, you can do like David Livingstone and see the waterfalls from Livingstone Island. The island is open to visitors from around mid-July to late January – depending on the water level. Like David Livingstone, you will sail over, go ashore and have a guided tour. If “Devil’s Pool” (a natural pool on the island where you can lie in the water and look out over the sheer drop of the rock wall) is open, you can also go on a guided swim.

After a tour of the island, a light breakfast, lunch or afternoon snack is served, depending on what time of the day you visit the island.

We strongly recommend that you book this tour from home if you would like to experience Livingstone Island. The tour is extremely popular and the number of visitors allowed to visit the island every day is limited.

Children under the age of 12 are not allowed on this tour. The tour takes approx. 2½ hours.

The tour goes ahead when there are at least 2 people

Morning Per person:  £118
Lunch Per person:  £181
High tea Per person:  £156
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