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Easter holiday in Africa

27 January, 2020
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Looking for an unforgettable and adventure-filled Easter?

Travel to Africa and discover what the many exciting destinations have to offer in April, where Easter often falls.

We’ve selected 5 perfect destinations in Africa.

Read on below.

South Africa in April

Cape Town

South Africa is a fantastic safari destination all year round and has an incredible amount to offer. Combine a visit to one of the world’s most important national parks, Kruger National Park, with a city break in Cape Town and enjoy an Easter holiday you’ll never forget.

In April, autumn is just beginning in South Africa. This means more comfortable, yet still warm, temperatures in Kruger National Park with just a little rain. At this time of year, the South African rivers and water holes will still be full of water from the previous months of rain, so you will experience a beautiful, lush bush landscape. Water means animals, and the wildlife thrives in the autumn greenery.

Take amazing safari memories home with you from Kruger National Park, where you have the chance to see elephants, lions, leopards, buffaloes, zebras and many other species. Go on a fantastic game drive and see the fascinating wildlife right up close.

When you’ve seen enough animals and nature, you can head on to Cape Town, Africa’s oldest and perhaps most beautiful city. The temperatures in Cape Town are pleasant in April, making it a great time to visit the city.

The city is scenically situated at the foot of the famous Table Mountain, and it is an experience in itself to stroll around the city and enjoy all the things there are to see. You can head up to the top of Table Mountain, visit the wine country around Cape Town or sail to Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned.

If you want to spend your Easter on safari and exploring under sunny skies with pleasant temperatures, you should travel to South Africa during the Easter holiday.

Head to South Africa for your Easter holiday:

Botswana in April


Botswana offers truly phenomenal experiences all year round, and April is no exception. If you want to experience beautiful sunsets, hot temperatures and the chance to spot fascinating animals, Botswana is the place to spend your Easter holiday.

The dry season has just started in Botswana in April, making it a great month to visit the area. You can expect many hours of lovely sunshine, a mostly cloud-free sky, and virtually no rain. Daytime temperatures are around 30 degrees, and night temperatures are around 15 degrees, so you also enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep.

A visit to Botswana is not complete without a visit to the Okavango Delta, one of the most beautiful places in Africa. In April, the delta is still lush and green after the rainy season, and there are beautiful trees and tall, green grass as far as the eye can see. April is the start of the antelope breeding season, and the male impala are vying for the females’ favour. It also means that predators are nearby in the hope of being able to sink their teeth into prey.

Head on to Chobe National Park and discover varied nature thanks to the Chobe River and the park’s various ecosystems. During the dry season, the water holes around Botswana dry out. This gives you a great opportunity to see all the animals making their way to the banks of the Chobe River. You might, for example, see up to 50,000 elephants gathering on the riverbank to quench their thirst.

Want to experience wild animals and lush scenery? Spend your Easter holiday in Botswana and enrich your life with new experiences.

Head to Botswana for your Easter holiday:

Namibia in April


As African countries go, Namibia really is a land of contrasts. If you want to experience beautiful scenery, fantastic wildlife and exciting culture, Namibia is just the place to go for your Easter holiday.

April is the end of the rainy season in Namibia. The air is fresh, the vegetation is lush, and the temperatures are more moderate than earlier in the year. Some people even claim that April is one of the best times of the year to visit Namibia, as the country is lusher and more beautiful than usual. At the same time, the summer rain is diminishing and may have stopped altogether. The lush, scenic landscape allows you to take some unique photos of Namibia’s diverse scenery. The various deserts look especially good, with their strong colour contrasts making them so picturesque.

There are many must-sees when you visit Namibia, but one of the most memorable is Sossusvlei. Witness the dramatic colour changes in the desert as the sun rises and sets. Sossusvlei is also the most beautiful side of the Namib Desert. Be blown away by the 300-metre-high, red sandbanks and deserted landscape extending as far as the eye can see. Sossusvlei also has the world’s highest sand dunes, the dried salt lake Deadvlei, and the 30-metre-deep and 3-kilometre-long Sesriem Canyon, formed over millions of years by the Tsauchab River.

If you wish to experience more beautiful scenery, visit the very special Etosha National Park, where you can, among other things, see the 5,000 km2 salt plain, Etosha Pan. You can also go on a game drive and experience an abundance of wildlife including elephants, lions, giraffes and many, many more animals.

Combine your tour to Namibia with Cape Town, Victoria Falls or safari in Kruger National Park and experience some of the best Africa has to offer.

Victoria Falls in April

Victoria Falls

Roaring waterfalls, a blanket of rainforest and a fairy-tale interplay of nature’s forces. That’s what you can expect from a visit to Victoria Falls. Spend your Easter holiday at Victoria Falls if you wish to be captivated by spectacular scenery.

Victoria Falls is located close to Chobe National Park in Botswana, making it ideal to combine your Easter holiday with a trip to this destination.

The waterfall is one of the largest in the world and extends over 1.7 kilometres. Every second, more than 1,000 cubic metres of water gush down into the gullies of the waterfall, before shooting several hundred metres up into the air above the waterfalls again. The local name for the Falls “Mosi-oa-Tunya”, which means “the smoke that thunders”, comes from this.

In April, the dry season at Victoria Falls has just started, and that generally means less rain and warm temperatures. The area at Victoria Falls is brimming with sights, exciting activities and adrenaline rushes. Be sure to go for a walk around the waterfalls – a walk on Knife Edge Bridge is particularly unforgettable. On the bridge, you have a unique view of the waterfalls, allowing you to truly experience one of nature’s wonders right up close.

If you wish to see the wild waterfall from the air, you have the option to book a helicopter ride that you’ll never forget.

Get ready to experience amazing, wild scenery, and embark on an exciting tour to Victoria Falls at Easter.

Head to Victoria Falls for your Easter holiday:

Tanzania in April


Tanzania is colourful, Swahili culture and welcoming, friendly people. The country does not enjoy the best weather over Easter, but you still have every opportunity to spot African animals while saving some money due to it being low season.

In April, the “big” rainy season is in full swing in Tanzania. Heavy rain showers may occur, but they simply help to freshen the air.

In spite of the rain, April and the season around it are actually some people’s favourite time to visit Tanzania to go on safari. The parks are often not as touristy and crowded – by people. But animals, there are plenty of, taking advantage of the fact that the parks are full of water. Animals may be more difficult to spot as the scenery is lush and green, but there are still a lot of them, predators and prey alike.

It goes without saying that, when in Tanzania, a visit to Serengeti is a must. Serengeti is Tanzania’s oldest national park, covering an area of more than 14,500 km2. Going on safari in April is not a problem as long as you are aware that heavy rainfall may occur. Low season also means fewer visitors, giving you a more intimate safari experience. In the south and south-eastern sections of Serengeti, there are many open plains offering ample opportunity to spot animals in spite of the rainy season.

Serengeti – and Tanzania in general – has one of the largest populations of wildlife in Africa, so if you’re hoping to see the Big Five, i.e. the lion, the rhino, the buffalo, the elephant and the leopard, this is the destination for you.

If you travel to Tanzania in late March or early April, the large herds of wildebeest are beginning to migrate north in search of fresh food, and this can be a spectacular experience. This phenomenon is known as the Great Migration.

If you wish to enjoy an amazing, intimate safari experience packed with wildlife, you should travel to Tanzania at Easter.

Head to Tanzania for your Easter holiday

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