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Tarangire National Park in Tanzania

29 February, 2020
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tarangire safari

In north-eastern Tanzania, you will find Tarangire National Park – one of Tanzania’s most scenic national parks.

Tarangire National Park is Tanzania’s sixth largest park, named after the Tarangire River, which flows through the park.

Below, you can read more about the national park, which is famous for its many elephants, and which aptly goes under the nickname of “the baobab capital of the world”.

The wildlife of Tarangire

2 Tarangire wildlife

Tarangire National Park is home to some amazing wildlife. The different groups of animals live close together, giving you the chance to experience the animals right up close.

The animals you are most likely to spot include zebras, wildebeest, kudus, impalas and gazelles. You may also be able to see lions, leopards, hyenas and tree-climbing pythons, as well as the rare antelopes: the East African oryx (oryx beis callotis) and the gerenuk, also known as the giraffe gazelle.

But it is particularly the large herds of elephants and the spectacular birds that attract visitors to Tarangire.

A visit to Tarangire is always special, no matter what the season. However, during the drought period from June to October, large groups of animals migrate to and stay in the park because at this time of the year the river is the only permanent source of water for miles around.

Large herds of elephants

3 Elephants

Tarangire is especially famous for its huge concentration of elephants, which move around in large herds. And, yes, herds of hundreds of elephants are easy to spot!

If you come to the national park in the dry season, you may notice that the elephants not only flock to the river, but also to the large sand dunes. Elephants can use their senses to find water underground, and they use their enormous strength to dig for water in the sand. Elephants can therefore also survive for long periods without direct access to water.



Tarangire National Park also attracts a great many birds.

The swamp area in Tarangire is estimated to attract more than 550 different species of birds, making Tarangire one of the places in the world where there are most breeding bird species.

Among the many different bird species, you will be able to see Fischer’s lovebirds, kingfishers, weavers, kori bustards and birds of prey.

For bird enthusiasts, it is best to visit the national park in the rainy season from November to May, when a lot of migratory birds come to the park. However, a lot of birds can also be seen there in the dry season.

Nature in Tarangire

5 Nature in Tarangire

Tarangire National Park is, as previously mentioned, one of Tanzania’s most scenic national parks. It differs from the other national parks in Tanzania by offering a more hilly landscape with different growth zones.

The landscape is more lush as Tarangire borders Lake Burungi, and the Tarangire River runs through the park.

In the park you will, for example, find large areas of grassland and bush savannah, swampland and numerous beautiful trees. But the majestic baobab trees will particularly catch your eye as you drive through the park.

Baobab trees

6 Baobab tree

Baobab trees are a distinctive feature of African scenery, and Tarangire is one of the best places to see them. In fact, it’s hard not to see them here.

What makes the baobab trees so special is their enormous size and appearance, which has earned them the nickname “upside down” trees, as the crown itself can resemble a large root turned upside down.

The trees can reach an age of around 1,000, which explains their majestic size. Able to hold huge volumes of water, they can cope with long periods of drought. This way, baobab trees are reminiscent of elephants, which can also be seen by the trees as they use the bark of the trees to chew on and to sharpen their tusks.

Experience Tarangire National Park on (these tours):

A tour to the scenic Tarangire National Park offers an unusual landscape where you will experience the animals right up close. Its large elephant herds, wild birds and nature in particular are what make Tarangire a must-see on your safari holiday in Tanzania.

We offer several different tours that take you to Tarangire National Park. If you are unsure about which tour to choose and when to travel there, please contact our travel consultants who are on hand to help you off on a wonderful tour.

Tarangire is definitely worth a visit.

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