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Family holiday packages

Give your children an experience of a lifetime! Take them with you onto the savanna to experience the magnificent natural landscape and the majestic animals, such as elephants, giraffes and lions, and what better place to see them than out in the wild where they belong! See how people live on the other side of the globe and experience a culture that is very different in many ways from the one we know in the northern hemisphere – but also shares some similarities.

Popular Itineraries: Family holiday packages

On vacation with the youngest members of the family

Give the children the opportunity to join you on a safari and let them experience a fantastic landscape where life is everywhere – a tour that’s sure to grab their interest! Hop in a jeep out on the savanna in Masai Mara, Kenya, and unpack the binoculars and the camera, because there is plenty to see and you can never say for sure what the day will bring in terms of exciting impressions or which animals will make an appearance. On safari in South Africa in the Kariega Game Reserve, you can even take a canoe trip down the Bushman River, while the wild animals graze along the river banks . It’s also possible on most tours to find the time to include a beach holiday. Africa is of course a very hot country in comparison to the northern hemisphere, so the chance to cool down in the Indian Ocean or in the pool at the hotel, can be a much needed pleasure. We also offer tours that include visits to village schools and nature conservation projects as part of the package, as well as hiking safaris out in the wild – naturally in area free of predators – and with an English-speaking guide.


Additional excursions

If you wish for even more experiences than those found in the packages we have put together, you can opt to add a variety of additional excursions, depending on which package you choose. These excursions could, for example, be a balloon safari where you hover over the savanna as the sun rises, a whale safari where you can view whales from the coast, diving in a shark cage, a helicopter tour over Victoria Falls and much more.

Together with the family, you can experience Africa at its best!

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