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Night Game Drive

A large proportion of the animals on the African savannah are most active at night. The baking sun has gone down, and the herbivores come out to eat under cover of darkness. Naturally, the opportunistic cats are very well aware of this, so unlike during the day when the pawed ones are mostly to be spotted lying panting in the shade, you might be lucky enough to see lions and hyenas wandering through the bush.

We highly recommend a night game drive. There is something magical about sitting in the safety of the car in the dark and knowing that the animals are walking around you. In the dark, your senses are heightened, and the sounds from the bush around you will be clearer than during the day.

A night game drive lasts 2½ hours and takes place in the area around Ikoma Wild Camp. The tour starts after dinner when darkness falls (at about 8 pm). You drive in an open safari car with a guide. The car seats 6 passengers. You will have the opportunity to hear and see the animals when they are active at night. You are in with a chance of encountering antelopes, zebras, gnus, giraffes, elephants, hyenas, buffaloes – and perhaps even lions!

There must be at least four people for this tour to go ahead and we therefore recommend that you book it from home. You can book the tour on your arrival if a car, guide and security guard are available, and at least four of you want to participate.

Price: £ 95 per person + 10 USD tip to both the guide and the security guard accompanying your group.


Per person £95