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Mombasa beach travel

Travel to Mombasa

When you travel to Mombasa, you will have the opportunity to completely relax and enjoy life on the beach under the cool shade of the palm trees.

Look forward to a relaxing vacation in Mombasa as the end of your safari trip in stunning Africa.

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Travel to Kenya’s second largest city, Mombasa. Mombasa belonged to Zanzibar until 1663 and today, it is Kenya’s main port city with more than 1.3 million inhabitants.

Here, you can end your vacation with a relaxing beach holiday by your hotel pool or on the beach with the waters leading out to the Indian Ocean lapping the shore. Make yourself comfortable on the white sand under the coconut palms while the traditional “Dhow” ships sail by on the horizon.

With Africasafari.co.uk you can travel to Mombasa as part of your safari trip, for example, in connection with your trip to Tanzania or your trip to Kenya.


Go on an excursion in Mombasa

We offer different tours that you can purchase on your trip to Mombasa.


Mombasa City Tour

Discover all there is to see in Mombasa, either on your own or join a city tour; you get to see the city’s highlights, including the Old City, which is characterized by Swahili and Arabic culture, Fort Jesus Museum or the local market where you will find a wealth of local foods and spices.


Dhow Sailing Trip

You can also choose to go on a sailing trip in a traditional Dhow, which is a characteristic wooden boat, furnished with a restaurant. Here you can enjoy a good, scrumptious dinner with views of the sea as the sunset paints the sky while it disappears on the horizon. This cruise across the sea includes music and drinks that create a cozy and romantic atmosphere.


Tour to Wasini Island

Would you like to spend your beach vacation snorkeling and marveling at the abundant marine life that you find in the ocean? If so, then you can also take a sailing trip over to Wasini island. Here you can swim around between the coral, exotic fish and colorful sea plants. During the sail to and from the island, we keep a close eye on the dolphins, which frequent this area. Often, they come quite close to the boat and challenge us to a swimming duel. On this excursion you will also come to discover the island and get a close-up experience of Swahili culture.

See what extra tours you can go on during each trip above.


Overnight Accommodations

When travelling to Mombasa, as a starting point you may stay overnight at Severin Sea Lodge. It is a really nice hotel, which is characterized by its traditional African architecture and known for the staff’s hospitality. The hotel is located directly next to the Indian Ocean on Bamburi Beach and offers its guests the possibility of diving, wellness spa, restaurants, swimming pool and golf, among other things.

If you are looking for even more luxury, you have the option to upgrade to another hotel. Read more about our overnight accommodations in Mombasa.

Come along to Mombasa and enjoy this beautiful little oasis on Kenya’s east coast.


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